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WhatsApp Video Calling Now Available to Everyone

Update the App, and get started!

WhatsApp is rolling out video calling today to its billion-plus monthly users. Next time you start a call in WhatsApp, you’ll get a choice: video or voice? Tap video, and it turns on your camera and launches a barebones chat. There are no lenses or filters, no ways to change or do anything. It’s just a call, with your face on one side and someone else’s on the other. It’s much more like Google Duo or FaceTime than, say, the fancy worlds of Snapchat or Hangouts.

WhatsApp India’s business head Neeraj Arora announced that the chat app has now more than 160 million monthly active users making India the largest market for WhatsApp. “India is the biggest country we have- more users than any other country in the world,” Arora told Economic Times. “Video calling is a big step forward. It is in line with our mission- we want to make sure we give every possible way for people to stay in touch with their families and friends. Video calling is the most immersive and something that makes you feel really close to somebody else.”


Explaining how the WhatsApp video call will work on poor internet connections, Arora said that the company has built the feature just like its voice calls.”How we have built this product is just like voice calls, which is if you have a great network condition- a WiFi or 4G- it will be HD quality, and you start moving to conditions which are not that great, it will be slightly low resolution, we hope it will still work but the quality will go up and down a little depending upon the quality of the network.”

Until now this feature was only available to Beta testers round the world. We at EOTO did use this feature on and off giving mixed results. If the call worked, it worked well. Otherwise, there are a lot of lagging and sound delay issues even in 4G connections. Voice Delay is something that has been the most complained flaw when it comes to WhatsApp Calls.

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