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Here’s why now’s the perfect time to launch a OnePlus X (2nd gen)

Just 3 months after the infamous OnePlus 2 was announced, OnePlus surprised users by taking the wraps off of another phone: the OnePlus X. More than 3.5 years later, after it was announced, I strongly desire a successor to the original X.

Allow me to refresh your memories….

The OnePlus X was aimed at people who wanted a stylish and well-designed phone that didn’t break the bank. The OnePlus X, when launched, was one of the only phones to make use of glass and aluminium in its price segment. To further increase the oomph factor, a limited Ceramic edition was released with only 10,000 units in stock.

Fun Fact: My OnePlus X still works well!

The OnePlus X was no slouch too. It had the hugely popular Snapdragon 801 at its heart and was coupled with a respectable 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Having personally used one, I had no qualms with using the phone as my daily driver.

OnePlus 2X
Those cracks are on the screen guard!

But yes, it did have his drawbacks. For starters, the 13-megapixel camera was just alright and had a tough time against the Mi 4 amongst other phones. Another annoyance was that it released with Android Lollipop out of the box when Marshmallow had already been announced a while back. It also lacked a fingerprint scanner, something I thought was a huge negative.

And although it had some more niggles here and there, I still didn’t mind using it as a daily driver.

So why does it make sense to launch the OnePlus X2 (or 2X, whatever suits you) now?

The OnePlus X was launched just after the OnePlus 2 had failed (something Carl Pei admitted himself). And the OnePlus X had its own issues too. For a company that had only launched one device before, backing two wrong horses was anything but a good sign!

This led to the discontinuation of the X series as OnePlus only wanted to focus on one “true flagship” line rather than gamble its future by spreading itself wide before momentum. Looking back at this, I can confidently say it was a wise decision that they made. I mean look at them now. OnePlus is now the top-selling phone in the ‘premium’ category and is a globally recognized phone brand that delivers quality products, consistently.

A more affordable OnePlus phone would find many takers.

But unfortunately, (for someone who was an initial adopter of OnePlus phone), OnePlus phones have gotten more expensive over the years. I’m not saying that the price hike isn’t justified, but just that this has made OnePlus an aspirational brand for many (even for ex-OnePlus users!). I can’t name any other brand that has changed its target market in terms of purchasing power (if you do, I’d love to hear about it in the comments).

Ironically, this is exactly why a more affordable OnePlus X2 makes sense! With the availability of affordable high-performance chipsets like the Snapdragon 675 or the Snapdragon 710, OnePlus can make a banger of a device. Its product manufacturing experience, strong supply chain and ability to provide software support for multiple devices will further make it easier for them.

Even biggies like Apple, Google and Samsung have realised the importance of having more affordable phones in the portfolio. With the OnePlus 7 Pro expected to cross the INR 50,000 mark, OnePlus’s current portfolio is moving dangerously close to the pricing of premium flagships.

In fact, to steer away from its bitter past, OnePlus can also choose to change the nomenclature of this affordable phone series. We don’t mind OnePlus!

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