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Windows 10 Anniversary Update arriving this summer!

At the Build 2016 developers conference, Microsoft announced that its Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be soon coming to PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox One, Microsoft HoloLens and IOT. The anniversary update promises a host of improvements to Windows 10 which was launched eight months ago and powers over 270 million active devices.

Here is a sneak peek into the new version of the popular operating system:

1. Windows Hello biometric security for Microsoft Edge and Windows apps

The biometrics-based sign-in feature for Windows 10 will come with enterprise-grade security. The Anniversary update brings the same security of Windows Hello integrated in Windows apps and Microsoft Edge itself. Microsoft says that its new Edge is the first and only browser to support biometrics with compatible sites. Biometrics-based access to apps and the browser means more control over how and by whom the device is being used.


2. The Future of Pen: Windows Ink

With the Anniversary update, Windows Ink – Microsoft’s new experience that lets you write on your device as you do on paper – comes integrated into apps like Maps, Microsoft Edge, and Office. The feature allows users to create sticky notes, draw on a whiteboard, and easily share it.


3. Cortana gets more smarter

Cortana gets more personal and smarter. One of the highlight of the new update to Windows 10 is the improved digital assistant Cortana. Microsoft has refined the voice-powered tool to become more proactive and make users’ Windows experience better. Cortana can now interact with software “bots” that can have limited conversations with users and help with tasks like booking a hotel room, ordering a meal or arranging a delivery. The company also launched a new Cortana Collection in the Windows Store for Cortana-compatible apps.


4. Every Xbox One can become a dev kit

With the Anniversary update, gaming gets even better. Cortana is coming to Xbox One. With Cortana, gamers can get personalised new game suggestions, challenges, or tips. The company is further allowing developers to utilise the Universal Windows Platform to bring games people love to both Xbox One and other Windows 10 devices. In its blog, Microsoft explains that with the new update, any Xbox One console could become a developer kit allowing one to build new games.



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