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BlackBerry files patent infringement suit against BLU

In a suit filed with the district court in southern Florida, BlackBerry alleges Blu infringes upon several of its patents relating to cellular connectivity and smartphone user interface elements.

“As a result of its infringement, BLU has earned substantial revenue selling 2G, 3G, and LTE-compliant products that use BlackBerry’s technology. BLU makes, sells, uses, offers to sell, markets, and/or imports numerous smartphones compatible with the 2G, 3G, and LTE standard throughout the United States without a license from BlackBerry,” says the 52 page document.

BlackBerry’s lawyers go on to state the company had contacted Blu about a patent licensing agreement several times, but Blu never responded to its requests.

Patent 924 – method and apparatus for State/Mode Transitioning
Patent 060 – Method for Configuring a Telecommunication System
Patent 118 – Scattered Pilot Pattern and Channel Estimation Method for MIMO-OFDM Systems
Patent 567 – Detecting the Number of Transmit Antennas in a Base Station
Patent 034 – Method and System for Signaling Connection Release Indication
Patent 506 – Method and System for Signaling Connection Release Indication
Patent 335 – Systems, Devices and Methods for Training Sequence, Transmission and Reception
Patent 413 – Information Transmission Method, Mobile Communications System, Base Station in which ID Data is Reduced
Patent 868 – Software Code Signing System and Method
Patent 466 – Dynamic Bar Oriented User Interface
Patent 384 – Dynamic Bar Oriented User Interface
Patent 845 – Handheld Electronic Device Having Improved Phone Call Log and Associated Method
Patent 605 – Battery Disconnect System
Patent 149 – Handheld Electronic Device and Associated Method Providing Time Data in a Messaging Environment
Patent 449 – System Compositing Images from Multiple Applications

BlackBerry has only filled a suit yet, it’s not confirmed whether the infringement is real or not, that’s up to the court to decide. Usually, these cases months or even years to come to and end, and mostly companies prefer to settle them with mutual consent. In this case, the latter seems to be a more rational option considering BlackBerry has a mammoth legal team standing by, while BLU is still a newbie in the game.

BlackBerry in the past few years has struggled in the hardware business and has shifted it’s focus to enterprise software. It is not surprising that BlackBerry is now looking forward at leveraging it’s 40,000+ patents.

Some Info taken from Android Authority

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