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Gear S3 gets teased in Samsung IFA 2016 Invite

IFA 2016 will officially begin on Sept. 4th, but like usual, we can expect the big names to kick it off a couple days prior. And like clockwork, Samsung has just dropped a teaser with its event schedule – Sept. 1st from 11-12pm.

Despite running Samsung’s own Tizen OS, the Gear S2 went on to being a highly regarded smartwatch. Its ergonomic design, superb display, smooth performance, and neat rotating bezel make for a great experience.

From Android Authority

The image shows clock hands, which totally hints at the launch of a new smartwatch. It’s not directly stated, but based on the fact that the current Gear S2 dropped at IFA last year, we feel it is safe to assume that the successor shall be unveiled at IFA 2016.

According a report from SamMobile, the Gear S3 Explorer model will house three buttons placed on two, four and ten hour marks. The keys may be used for stopwatch functionality or shortcut buttons to launch apps.

The button scan also be used could also functions as the Active key found on the Galaxy S7 Active, which can be used as an SoS button or for launching programmable shortcut button.

The Frontier and the Explorer will come with a more rugged design. Other reports claim that the new Gear S3 will feature a built in GPS along with an altimeter, barometer and speedometer.

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