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Rumour: Samsung considering a total Note 7 recall

Reports coming from local media in South Korea point to a very dire situation Samsung is currently facing with it’s latest flagship, the Note 7.

Since its launch last month, the Galaxy Note 7 has been touted as a best-in-class device with such features as an iris scanner and an improved stylus. But it may have critical flaws in safety following continued reports of it exploding.
Samsung said that it stopped shipments of the new phone this week and an investigation is underway to pinpoint the cause of multiple explosions both at home and abroad.

Experts say that Samsung may have to recall all phones already delivered to customers, which would burden the company, although the official refused to talk about this option.
After a report on the large-screen phone’s explosion first came out last week, a few similar cases were uploaded at the country’s social networking service sites.

In a different report, Korea Herald states, that Samsung is considering a recall of all the units it shipped so far.

According to the same report, the problem may be related to the battery pack, and not the battery cells that make the pack up. The cells are manufactured by Samsung SDI, but the company outsources battery pack manufacturing to various suppliers. Explosions have been reported on the phones equipped with battery packs made by Korean supplier ITM Semiconductor.

If these rumours turn out to be true, Samsung will have an embarrassing as well as tough time maintaining it’s flagship stand in the market. With Apple soon to launch it’s iPhone 7 in the coming weeks, the risks have doubled.  A recall would also pour cold water over the Note 7’s excellent sales performance since its launch on August 19.

Samsung has been silent about the recall, which is even more worrying.


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