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Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus has already sold out ahead of release

It is still unclear though whether demand is high or the stocks are low

Apple has completely run out of the iPhone 7 Plus and the new jet black handsets.

The new iPhones go on sale starting Friday, but most models won’t be available in stores because they have all sold out online, Apple said.

At the moment, all models and colors of the iPhone 7 Plus have run out, and all versions of the smaller iPhone 7 in jet black are also unavailable, Apple said.

Apple told TechCrunch:

“Beginning Friday, limited quantities of iPhone 7 in silver, gold, rose gold, and black will be available for walk-in customers at Apple retail stores. During the online pre-order period, initial quantities of iPhone 7 Plus in all finishes and iPhone 7 in jet black sold out and will not be available for walk-in customers.”

You can, of course, order online. However, that means you’ll have to wait until the backlog clears. In the US and the UK, both iPhone 7 models are showing a 2-3 week wait time on the Apple website. If you’re after the new Jet Black variant you may need to wait up to five weeks for the iPhone 7 to become available or until November for a shiny black iPhone 7 Plus.

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